The Light of Eternity


This too shall pass.

Astarlane glanced away as Tenever broke his connection to the Lux Aeterna. She could see him from the corner of her vision, his flesh merely a cloak wrapped around a flare of primordial light summoned by his spirit.

Something deep within her own self responded to its call, but she was well prepared for it and crushed the response almost before it arose. A hitch in the beating of her heart, a flutter of the veil over her spirit, but nothing more escaped. He, as ever, did not notice - let alone reciprocate.

The sorcerer stood, stepping around the fire, a blackness swirling around the light. Her power was a constant surge in her veins, supporting every graceful movement of her body. In the start of the day, beside Tenever's towering fire, Astarlane felt very small.

But she knew that she would still be standing and fighting when he was no more than human, once again.

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The Day of the Light
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