When Lloyd Shows Up

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The day was sunny, warm, but the slight breeze made it tolerable. Half the town seemed to be at the park. Laura treated her daughter Madelyn and her babysitter Lena to a picnic at the park.

"I know it's your day off, but I wanted to celebrate and you're the best person to share this news with." Lena agreed. Laura expected it to be harder to convince her, but she seemed to enjoy her time with them. She brought a violet thermos of her favorite coffee.

"Do you sleep well at night?"


"All that fancy coffee, caffeine, you know.."

Lena was distracted by something beyond Madelyn's head. She glowered.

"What is it?" Laura instinctively gathered Madelyn into her arms.


"Oh." She relaxed. Lloyd was harmless.

"He's scented something."


"Lloyd's not just my innocent and aloof stalker. He's a vampire hunter."

Laura giggled. "Wait." She stopped mid giggle. "You're serious."

"And he's actually sorta good at it." Lena capped her thermos. "Let's get out of here."


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