Hraz'Elarion: Inferno

HS Wift

I have been HS Wift for the longest time now, through some of the darkest hours I have known, and it warms my heart to know that the light that led me through lives on still.

May it never die.

The flames licked the boys' fleeing boots.

The small kitchen fire had spread into a mighty blaze that was threatening to consume the orphanage. The sounds of panic and alarm from the other residents were drowned out by the roar of the flames surrounding them.

The two boys ran as fast as they could, momentarily forgetting their prior altercations. Hraz's athletic, climber's build gave him a slight speed advantage, which meant that when the burning crossbeam fell, it was Billy who got caught under it.

Through the roaring inferno, Hraz'Elarion heard the cry of pain and, with scarcely a moment's pause, darted back to help the pinned boy. Working together, they were able to lift the beam enough to free the trapped bully. The two kids shared a brief look, and swiftly resumed their flight.


Outside, Selura took stock of the children, and found all but one accounted for. Scouring the shadows for her favored half-elf, she caught one last fleeting glimpse of two purple orbs retreating into the night.

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Hraz'Elarion: Fire
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