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Mother, law student, TV captioner. I have plenty of practice writing down other people's voices; I'm here to learn to love writing in my own.

Dave’s sister answered the phone with a cheery hello.

“I’ve talked to him,” Mara said, skipping the social niceties. “He’ll get in touch with you soon.”

“And if he doesn’t?” Jo asked. Belligerence was clearly a family trait.

“If he doesn’t, then he’s probably decided it’s not worth it. But if he does…” Mara paused, and as expected, barely a second went by before Jo leaped in to fill the silence.

“Is that a threat?” She sounded so indignant that Mara couldn’t help but laugh.

“Jo, if I were threatening you I’d have said something like, ‘if you hurt him, I’ll cheerfully slit your throat from ear to ear.’ And then you’d say something about how I wouldn’t dare make your daughter an orphan, and I’d say she’d still have a father since I don’t plan to harm your husband. But I’m not threatening you, of course. You’re Dave’s sister.”

“Yeah,” Jo said. “Killing me might upset him.”

“Then as long as you upset him less than your death would, you’re safe from me,” Mara said, hanging up before Jo could react.


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Hoo. Intense.

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Never cross an in-law.

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