Ship's Day 8472


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Captain's log, ship's day 8472

I wish we could fix the attitude control. The tumbling is making me dizzy.

Finally figured out where we were losing the atmosphere from. Backyard Bob is working on a patch for it and says he'll be done in about two hours. I almost couldn't believe he found a working welder's torch. We're building the patch out of one of the destroyed hydroponics systems. Speaking of food, we're running the numbers and trying to figure out if we'll have enough to go around or if we'll have to resort to recycling some of ourselves again.

Backyard Bob also managed to fix one of the fusion generators so we have at least some power. Seriously, the guy's a genius. I can see now how he managed to get himself in that souped-up ZX-7 of his and blast off the Earth before it exploded. Good thing, too, because his oxygen-scrubbing system still works.

We're debating whether to allocate battery to turning on the receiver again. There's going to be a meeting tonight to discuss it.


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Based on the story chain that started here:

The latest installment of this branch of the story was here:

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I wondered if we'd see more from this series.

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