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It was one of those days where things happened, and you did stuff, but it felt like your focus was off. You did what you knew how to do, but you missed the point of doing it.

Other people noticed, so you felt self-conscious and guilty and ashamed of yourself for having done it, but there was nothing to do to fix it but let it run its course and try again the next day.

You controlled the things you could and shook off the errors, trying to forgive yourself and find fault with parts of yourself instead of your whole self.

"I wasn't feeling well."

"The stars didn't line up."

"It was really because of this that it happened, not because of what it seemed."

It was aggravating because it wasn't the first time. This cycle seemed to never end. What should you do to stop it?

What if what you have to do to reverse the flow of energy into another cycle is something worse than the guilt, aggravation, and shame?

What if you ruin it all?

If it has to happen, won't it? Then you can't blame yourself.


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