Hraz'Elarion: Fire

HS Wift

I have been HS Wift for the longest time now, through some of the darkest hours I have known, and it warms my heart to know that the light that led me through lives on still.

May it never die.

"Knock, knock, drow!"

Billy rapped his knuckles upon the kitchen door one day, shortly after Selura left for supplies. Hraz'Elarion had been left alone in the kitchen. Until now.

"So, this is where you've been hiding, is it?" Billy advanced menacingly, "Seems you're overdue a lesson. Let me catch you up."

Billy lunged in and delivered a mean right hook, before planting his knee into the drow boy's stomach, leaving him doubled over. An uppercut sent him sprawling to the floor, where he caught himself and rolled to his feet.

Looking back to his oppressor, expecting to see him winding up for his next series of attacks, Hraz instead saw a slight expression of fear, and a gleam of orange in Billy's eyes. It was only then that he felt the heat on the back of his neck, and turned back to see that the firepit had grown into a raging inferno, spilling out onto the kitchen floor, igniting the support beams.

The orphanage was on fire.

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