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writing the rongs

With precise synchronization, the drones broke through the fog that covered the Woodland forest canopy. Dew sprayed from the conglomeration of insect-like machines as a cloudburst. And the sound of thousands of whirling fans echoed through the trees.

The thunderous hum grew louder as Chan joined the last section of the newly repaired receiving dock. Activating the IAid on his ear, he stood and swiftly moved toward the hatch door. "They're coming!" he cried. "Cortana, initiate the firewall!"

"Do you mean 'firewall prototype one'? Confirm." The feminine voice reverberated through the empty corridor.

Hurried footfalls echoed back. "Yes. Yes, initiate 'firewall prototype one'. Go!"

Chan arrived at the air-screen display as the first drone dove into view. Others followed in rapid succession, flowing swiftly right and left. Soon the army of drones formed a dome a few meters above the platform.

"Firewall initiated. Functioning as expected."

"I see that," Chan replied. "Open port 8080. Let them in, one by one."


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