Force Projection


This too shall pass.

"Roger, follow director."

Despite the automation inherent to the Cordova-class light carriers, there was still magic to be had in the time-honoured tradition of having a human being wave you down the rails - even if the launch sequence was fully automated with five-nines reliability.

They say every catapult shot is electric, a fire in the veins, a signal to live, and I have to agree. Every moment of it speaks to the vivacity and immediacy of life - the ever-unexpected weightlessness of release, and smooth yet incredible acceleration of the rail catapult itself.

In a flash, the electromagnetic shuttles turn a dimly outlined armoured tunnel into a blaze of passing warning lights before an irising hatch snickers apart with microsecond/centimetre precision, and there is nothing but open space.

Starnav guidance locks establish in stuttering flashes, a departure vector is loaded, and the low rumble of the fusion drive is the only partner to your thundering heart.

"Shot complete. Fly safe, big boy."


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'the catapult shot is electric' - nice narration, like I was flying the Cordova carrier myself!

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