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writing the rongs

Coffee collects on the tongue. Fingers press the tired eyes; their hand slides over the nose and onto the cheek. Digits extend over one eye, the other eye opens.

Attempting to Establish Connection to Remote System

A swallow. Status grids; motionless, unchanged. A bitter taste sours the stomach. Eyes fix to the display, lips stretch slightly apart.


@SimTechs: Docks detached; receiving platform inoperable. Cause not determined. All efforts to repair failed. #supporttweet #woodland

A touch confirms the suspicion. "The Woodland platform, is several iterations old."

"That makes it a bit more challenging."

A swipe, no simulation on file. "We need drones."

"But 'drone placement is old school', correct? - Please confirm."

"You're 'old school', Siri."

Remote Drone Placement is cumbersome and more often than not becomes unstable over time. Although Isaac favors Sims Technologies, nearly a quarter hour has passed, communication is pending, the coffee is cold and he's run out of options.

"RDP - Go."


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I hope it doesn't suffer from input lag quite as much as today's RDP does.

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