Hraz'Elarion: Dinner

HS Wift

I have been HS Wift for the longest time now, through some of the darkest hours I have known, and it warms my heart to know that the light that led me through lives on still.

May it never die.

"Elarion, could you maybe help me for a bit?"

Selura had watched the young half-elf nervously peering around the corner, clearly afraid of his oppressor lurking nearby. The entire situation saddened her. She wished she could protect the young boy better, but at the same time, she pitied young Billy.

Hraz turned tentatively towards her, likely trying to hide fresh injuries. Such was the nature of victims, afraid of showing their weaknesses.

"Elarion, I was about to start making dinner, and I thought you might like to help me. I would appreciate the assistance."

Hraz nodded eagerly, pleased with any course of action that took him in the opposite direction to his tormentor.

Hraz proved to be a quick study, and was actually incredibly helpful. What began as an opportunity to bail little Elarion out became the start of a daily exercise that they both enjoyed.

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Hraz'Elarion: Torment
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