Just Another Escapist

Rock back and forth

Upon the front porch

I find myself here once again

I'm grinding my teeth

This sanctuary

Won't let me keep playing pretend

A cigarette held

As memories meld

The past, present, future are here

And though I have claimed

My faith is regained

I cower in silence and fear

How much must I drink

Until I can no longer focus or think?

Each time it takes a bit more as I stand and stare over the brink

Work carries me

Through monotony

The paycheck becomes an excuse

To live the routine

While internally

I secretly know it's no use

On this Friday night

I hear children fight

They're running on sidewalks beneath

The swaying of trees

I savor the breeze

Exhaling the poison I breathe

How far can I run?

Life is devoid of all joy and of fun

Watching the city descend while awaiting the rise of the sun

Loneliness are you the only companion that I count upon?


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