A New Cellmate


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The cell door slammed open. Kerr looked up, and locked eyes with his brother. "Gierard," he growled, contemptuously.

Gierard's voice, by comparison, gave no indication of any emotion at all. "When I ascended to the throne..." he began.

"Usurped!" Kerr spat.

Gierard didn't miss a beat. "...some citizens rebelled. I warned you that your followers would suffer." A gesture, and another guard entered, dragging a young girl. Gierard shoved her to her knees.

"My king," she cried, drawing a glare from Gierard. "The King's Guard killed them!"

Kerr's face flushed with anger. "Who? Who did they kill?"

"My... My village," she sobbed. "They're dead. Everyone in the village is dead!"

"Small error on her part, brother." Gierard swiftly grabbed the girl's hair, violently slamming a dagger into the top of her head. He casually tossed her body aside.

Gierard's words made Kerr's blood run cold. "Now, everyone in her village is dead. Enjoy your cellmate." Gierard and the guards left, leaving Kerr alone with the girl.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Brutal and dark. :)

  • #1139 Posted 5 years ago
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  • 5 out of 5


Well that was disgusting and I believe that was your point lol

  • #3211 Posted 3 years ago
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