Gunfire: The Risk


This too shall pass.

The silence stretched on, but it was a well-trodden quiet. A familiar space between us, to be relaxed into like a favourite chair.

The lamp on the floor guttered, a little, and Ryle leaned over to trim the wick. While he was so occupied, I unfolded a neat square of paper from my coat pocket.

"If one were to be so interested, though, one would definitely wish to make one's intentions clear sooner rather than later, perhaps."

My respect for him only grew. He straightened with a calm and composure worthy of his title.

"And why would that be, Baron?"

"Well, Count, her guest tonight was a very worthy one indeed. A most prudent and elegant match that any woman could wish for, unless..."

Oh, he was very interested. I could see the fire flicker in his eyes, hungry and selfish. His self-control was a tight leash indeed.


"... well, unless one were daring enough to wed for love."

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Ryle sighed, never one for games. I made him wait a little longer before answering in earnest.


Gunfire: The Primer
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