Brief encounter


Arms, legs, the usual.

I also seem to be running the site.

I may get around to writing some actual stories at some point.

I saw God today.

At lunch time.

Surfing on the back of a lorry.

I was crossing the footbridge over the main road between the office and the supermarket when a figure caught my eye. He was laughing, his long hair streaming behind him in the slipstream, clearly loving every moment of being alive. His feet were placed one in front of the other, his knees bent, in the classic surfer pose as the lorry thundered down the road.

I smiled down at him as I walked, privileged to have seen the Creator dropping by to take a closer look at the creation and thrilled that he was taking such joy in it. No way, I thought, not in a thousand years would I be able to find that much happiness in this world. Everything seems so broken so much of the time.

The lorry passed into the distance and out of sight. On the very edge of hearing, I thought I heard his voice.


Smiling, I carried on. The shopping wouldn't do itself.


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Well crafted.

  • #1122 Posted 7 years ago
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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I suppose God would enjoy life to its fullest. It helps to not have to worry about shopping and paying bills, too.

  • #1123 Posted 7 years ago
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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

I was gonna ask how your character knew it was God, but I suppose if you actually saw God in person, surfing on a lorry or not, you'd probably know it.

  • #2434 Posted 5 years ago
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