The Certainty of Purpose


This too shall pass.

Three months later, Tenever heard the flashbang grenade go off in the next room and burst in. He spotted four targets and dropped the leftmost two. The man behind him fired twice, but Tenever had already wheeled left to face another four targets.

Two more went down, and the third to the last bullet in the magazine. Tenever hit the magazine release with one hand and thrust the other, outstretched palm up, at the last target, who dropped to his knees cradling his head.

There was a beat, then a buzzer sounded, the lights came on, and a woman stepped in through the door behind them. Were it not for the helmet display and the triple-pipped insignia thereon, Tenever would easily have mistaken her for Sadie.

The woman consulted a tablet and spoke in rapid German.

"Excellent. Your speed needs work, but it will come with time. Safety comes before speed, but both is best. Report to the office for your badges and administrative changes, soldiers."

They saluted her, and she smiled.

"You are deserving. Well done."

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The Indulgence of Certainty
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