The Indulgence of Certainty


This too shall pass.

The armoured vehicle drove through the night, giving Tenever plenty of time. Time to think, and time to experiment. Enough time that, when Sadie threw open the door and motioned for them to exit, he caught her arm.

He spoke, coming through on her secure command channel.

"Take me with you."

In her surprise, she replied on the same channel. He thought, working out the details of his spell, and asked her to repeat.

"I can be of great use."

"I would do what I must."

"Then it is a matter of training."

"There is no way to be assured of that."

At last, she nodded, prompting her squad to release their weapons. She opened a new channel through the Boxer.

"Salamander Four-Two to Rome, you'll want to hear this. I have a volunteer. Army? No, he wants in on this unit. One from this op, sir. Yes, the Academy lot. Right. I'll send him on up, sir."

The wizard raised his eyebrows at her and offered her his arm. She shrugged internally and took it.

"You, wizard, have no idea what you've signed yourself up for."

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The Ending of Indulgence
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