The Ending of Indulgence


This too shall pass.

The characteristic blaze of diffused hyperexplosive munitions lit up the horizon, prompting the survivors to rouse themselves. No-one deployed such weaponry without some kind of combined arms operation, and sure enough a second wave of conventional standoff munitions rocketed overhead less than a minute later. The clouded night sky was, for brief moments, day again.

The Germans rolled in soon after, six groups of Boxer armoured vehicles rolling up. A mix of Army regulars and KSK special forces fanned out with a military precision. Their sealed visors, carbon-ceramic battle armour and silent communication was worlds apart from the Academy of Dusk survivors in robes and shimmering arcane wards.

That was the day Tenever met Sadie, in the cramped interior of the ninth Boxer. She was a squad commander even then, her KSK insignia holographed upon her shoulder. She passed him a bottle of water, motioned for him to drink. He did so, watching the Paladin guns pull in behind them.

And toasted absent friends.

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