Tamori Taka: The development of an imperfect father

HS Wift

I have been HS Wift for the longest time now, through some of the darkest hours I have known, and it warms my heart to know that the light that led me through lives on still.

May it never die.

Indeed the Kami spoke true. Taka had already seen her fourth Festival of New Year's Day before Heru consulted the Kami. It seemed that Heru knew in his heart all along that he could not kill his child. Wether for the protests of his wife, or the innocent smile on Taka's face, Heru had discovered love for his daughter. He came to see the purple eye, the red hair, things that before meant ill fortune, as the things that makes his daughter special, unique.

Though even as he came to love every aspect of his daughter's appearance, the rest of rokugan would not agree. They would not want contact with the child, lest she incite evil spirits upon them. And so, when courtiers and travelers would seek hospitality in the small village where Heru lived, on their way to the Dragon courts deeper into the mountains, Taka was kept out of sight.

It was a lonely existence.

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Tamori Taka: Communion with the spirits of the world
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