YunLin Jr High Lucia: Frightened, Sky, Secret


Lit and music teacher from America, but in Asia

There's something high up in the sky

I saw it flashing by my eye

And then it soared into the clouds

Its shouted hums, its muffled louds.

I'm frightened, dear; what can it be

That's sneaking there on top of me?

Is it a drone? A bird? A bomb?

Will I be soon inside my tomb?

I always fear that outer space

Will be my final resting-place

And I'll be mounted on a card

Inside some alien's backyard

A specimen of foolish Earth

A source of spacemen's frothy mirth.

What secret lurks behind the nimbus?

I hope they're not here to de-limb us

Oh! It's back! Quick, nurses, run!

They're here for sport, to have some fun

At our expense! Oh my, wait up

There's something fishy...pass the cup

Of coffee, Phil! That's just Maurice;

He's stuffed my mattress full of geese!


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