YunLin Jr High Sharon: Air Conditioner, Self-Confidence, Physics


Lit and music teacher from America, but in Asia

I don't know science, but I've heard some stories

Of physics, chemistry, and bio-glories

If I could be as steady as the nat'ral laws,

I'm sure I'd find self-confidence, because

It seems that all the world will just obey

Their mandates strict, no matter what they say!

The air conditioner, for instance: wow!

They figured that one out, but, really, HOW?

So freon goes one way through narrow tubes

To chill the air much better than ice cubes,

But if it flows the other way, it changes

And cold will turn to heat in extreme ranges.

And it does always work, no matter what,

Unless it's worn out, cold transforms to hot.

If I could be reliable like that,

I'd be a groovy, hep, and nifty cat,

But I can't do the same thing three times over

Without some variance; I can't recover

My vim for life without some hugs or cheers;

And this depression's lasted me for years.


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