Corner Time


Inspiration hits with a flash, stories written on the go. A rumble of laughter and the tale is heard only in echoes. The wind blows me in a new direction. Whom shall I visit next?

Having failed my dears, I sent myself to the corner as punishment. I've been there more than a year.

Maybe they're now safer from me, but I'm not safe from them, and they're still not pleased.

But I was thinking. I've been saving my energy all this time. And now, instead of a 360 degree range of attack directions, they're limited to only a fourth of that. That might be the right angle for me.

I've never been a fighter; I'm a scaredy cat. But this time maybe I'll come out of my corner swinging. And pissed off. Cos I never hurt anyone on purpose, but these crudbuckets have premeditated this.

Here they come.

And here I go.

Swing, batter!


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