A Loss of Substance


This too shall pass.

At the conclusion of the firefight I moved two of my controlling units closer to the High Senator. Local sensor capability had been significantly degraded due to defensive countermeasures deployed during the exchange of fire, which included the city datalink. I was not aware that she had inertial navigation within her local capabilities, and so directed her to the exit with my own internal compass.

It was undoubtedly this move that saved us, for the two remaining units moved ahead and were instantly obliterated at the exit by our extraction vehicle.

This triggered a complex chain of events. The unit under my control to the left took severe damage from secondary blast effects, but returned fire with sufficient coherence to disable the vehicle. Taking no chances, I ordered the rest of the armoured convoy to fire on each other, tidying up the remaining mess with an orbital strike - a subnuclear plasma warhead.

We diverted left and I dropped in three new units, discarding the damaged one in a puff of ash.

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The initial exchange of fire lasted a hair more than seventeen seconds. At the ten second mark, I au…

A Matter of Record
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