A Nice Day


This too shall pass.

The larger man seemed to immediately forget about me, going back to waving the knife at the smaller one, so I deemed it suitable to have my swallow. Sally at the sandwich place really did wonders with salmon and king prawns, I reflected, wincing as the smaller one spilled across a really wonderful spread of our summer collection. I'd spent nearly an hour on that this morning.

The sandwiches didn't get any worse, nor the wincing any better, as I tucked into a beautiful ham hock and cheddar. I thought I detected a subtle hint of mango chutney, while the smaller one was treated to a series of punches that would surely smart in the morning.

At length, the larger one seemed to be satisfied.

"Right, you can go and give that message back to your boss, all right? He won't be making threats in my direction any more."

He turned to me, and I swallowed guiltily, but he wasn't really paying attention.

"Hey, you, better call an ambulance for this guy before he bleeds all over the merchandise."

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Sorry for all the food imagery. I'm quite hungry.

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What a great collaboration! Besides continuing a really amusing story, you definitely made me hungry too, HSAR!

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