Eve, as told by Adam


Escapist from Ficly! So glad the community has found a new home thanks to some dedicated writers.

"Eve?...if ya ask me, God set 'er up fer failure."

"...bless 'er heart, but Eve never loved me. Well, she loved me like a person loves another, 'specially since there was so few of us. I suspect she was...more of a fella', in the romance department."

"Maybe that's why she ate the fruit. Truth be told, after we ate it, we was always wonderin' why God got off on keepin' us in the dark...prob'ly shouldn't be sayin' this on accounta us bein' in heaven anyway, but God hasn't come by in who knows how long."

"I hear that the snake was Lucifer and that he used to live round here. Wish I coulda' met him in different circumstances. Woulda' liked to have a chat with 'im. A great artist, I hear."

"No, Eve and I aren't together no more if you was wonderin'. I never did have good luck with wives. Eve was too smart to stick with me. So that makes two I didn't do so good with. Dunno where she is, but I know she's in heaven too. Yep."

"...I hope she's doin' well. I was always a bad husband, but I loved the pryin' broad."


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I wrote a couple different biblical narratives while on ficly, and this is a continuation on that! Links below for anyone interested.



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I dig it. Reminds me of a project that's been waiting 25 years for me to get there, a dramatic monologue by the false mother in that story about Solomon who suggested that the two claimants of a child cut the kid in half so it's fair.

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