Just Another Escapist

A wolf I will claim

yet a dog I became

there was no other way to describe

I did all that you said

as your little pet

ignoring my pride

I lavished affection

at your beck and call begging

for your hand upon my furry hide

At the time I confess

that I loved your caress

and the trust it implied

But one day you strained

beyond all that we gained

and I saw a new side

of the life you would build

all the happiness killed

by a leash and a lie

so I said my goodbye


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A Gypsy Heart

A Gypsy Heart

There is a confident strength here, especially in the awakening or a discernment that seems to take place. Sad how trust is often misplaced when the heart is easily deceived. Well done. the flow was a bit choppy but I like it.

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