Gunfire: The Primer


This too shall pass.

Ryle sighed, never one for games. I made him wait a little longer before answering in earnest.

"Cerian is two years my senior. She has always been the sensible one. My brother is the eldest, but he was often too busy to be spending time with us, so Cerian kept us out of trouble."

"Do you think we could have a future together, someday?"

I looked at him slowly, passively. He flushed, held my gaze.

"Oh, please. I have a title too, you know. The Countess Sterai-Poloska would not be making an inadvisable choice."

I raised an eyebrow. I knew the title - had been taught that the Sterai-Poloska family had long since faded into the shadows. Apparently they had, but not in the way I had thought.

Ryle let the moment hang, turning the statement into a question, but I knew this game - and I played it better than him.

"Well then..."

I let him wait, had another sip of my drink. I would answer on my own terms.

"...I think you should make your approach, and see what she thinks. My sister does not impress easily."

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This made my very happy

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