Flying Away


Amateur author. Mainly focussed on science fiction and urban fantasy.

Nick goes flying, spinning and bleeding, through the train. He passes through walls and seats and hull.

He's flailing around, twisting and turning in blind panic. He can see the train and the station, but he's in void. Air rushes out of his lungs violently in one quick burst, blood is spurting out at the end of his arm. He can feel the blinding pain on his eyeballs and the boiling spit on his tongue, his body parts swelling in the vacuum like a hickey from the universe itself. His eardrums are straining under the pressure, he's gasping and hoping that whatever it is will be over, one way or another-

And then he falls out of consciousness, and back into the universe. His unconscious body phases back in halfway down an access tunnel, devoid of people.

Leaving him to bleed on the floor.

Twenty minutes later, a rescue worker combing the area happens upon him. She checks his pulse, picks him up, and carries him out into the station, now a hive of activity.

"Get this man to the hospital," she says, "immediately."

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When super powers are the very last thing you need...

Nice take on it.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Same city, different station.

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