The Shoe Fits..

ElshaHawk LoA

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"But you're a fairy Godmother!" screamed Cinderella before collapsing on her bed and sending a dozen birds tittering out of her window. She began to sob. It was all right there before her, the castle, the perfect life, the perfect husband, and just like that, the shoe actually fit her step-sister and she was carted off to the castle before tea time.

"Dear, the shoe was to choose the best match for the prince."

"It was your spell! Fix it!" Cinderella chucked the other shoe at her Godmother who flew out of the way.

"I see why it didn't pick you.." she muttered.


"Uh, bibbity bobbity boo, dear, it nearly always works."

"What now, huh!? Am I supposed to go back to sweeping and mopping this dump?"

"Well, no. Your step-sister and step-mother will go to the palace. You can go, if you agree to sweep and mop there. But this house becomes yours when they leave, so if you want to stay.."

"These are my options? No magic solution now? How could he mistake her ugly face for mine!? He won't. I'll go to him!"


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I hope you keep this going. :D

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LOL! Oooooooh I like this twist!

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