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Getting back into the flow of writing, mostly with wordplay and poems. I'm a creative soul, from childhood to middle age, and my joy is to produce new things the world has never seen before. I'm an educator from the USA working as a college professor of lit and music. I'm learning to love myself little by little.

I just had an image for a series of co-written stories, just for the experience and the cameraderie: one person writes an opening story; another person writes a sequel to it. Then either a new writer or the first one writes a PREquel to the 2nd writer's sequel, still logically related but notably different from the original story...&c. Rather like a game of "tennis elbow foot" on a paragraph level...

I'll illustrate, as a personal challenge.

WRITER 1: ORIGINAL: Bob wiped his brow. That had been the wildest party. He hoped someone would stick around to clean up in the morning. Trying to set his last bottle down in an upright position, and failing, he sloped into a dream.

WRITER 2: SEQUEL: As Bob slept, the light flickering on his face through the ceiling fan, Charlina raised her head cautiously. Go time.

WRITER 1: PREQUEL: Charlina gazed at Bob over her champagne glass."To your health," she murmured. Bob actually blushed.

"Here's to us," he said, drinking. Then he fell backward to the floor. Char nodded off.

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Writer 2: SEQUEL to the last prequel: 18 hours later, the place was swarming with cops. Two bodies, no ID, obvious poisoning but no clear motive. A murder-suicide? Sgt. Spargerson frowned at his notebook. It didn't add up.

Next: Writer 1: Prequel to the above. And so on...

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Wouldn't Writer 2 always be following and Writer 1 always leading? Nothing wrong with either, but a change-up is nice, which is part of why "conventional" chains of sequels work - you're free to pick up elements from previously, or introduce new ones as you see fit.

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