Smoke And Daggers, Part 1


Amateur author. Mainly focussed on science fiction and urban fantasy.

In another city, on the other side of the world and two weeks after Larry's unfortunate disappearance, CIA Special Agent Peter Irving put on his dropsuit. The dropsuit bore a striking resemblance to matte-black scuba gear, which was no accident - in fact, he had relied on it to take it through Customs. At the moment, he was in CSIS Agent Simon Melnikov (alias Семён Мелников)'s apartment in Vladivostok.

He was preparing to assassinate Captain 3rd Rank Аркады Петров, a Soviet officer, who was planning a mutiny aboard the Baku.

Agent Melnikov entered. "All of the equipment is wiped and at the bottom of the bay. Even if they do find it, it's not incriminating."

Agent Irving nodded, looking at the GPS display. Melnikov continued, "Alright, let's go through the plan again."

Irving said, "Get to his office. Poison his coffee without him noticing. Plant the chaff. Head to the submarine USS Sand Lance, in the Kuril Islands. Got it."

He snapped shut the helmet, checked the air seal, and dropped out of the universe.

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BTW, Elsha and Wolfram, this Larry is not the Larry the Maths Whiz from the Legend of Tory Adore. That was a reference to the character from the Warner Brothers cartoon "The Dover Boys."

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Good job I made Ficlatté handle Unicode...

I love the story.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Wait, I totally created this Larry, as the working man who meets a wizard while trying to make some extra cash by pickpocketing.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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