Time to Get Lost

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"I can't get back to the tunnels. We have to find a place to crash." Hard Drive said when the top sealed over the convertible. He made a few hard turns, zig zagging through town to try and lose the last drone. It crashed into the side of a building with a wild explosion.

"This is insane! Pull over! I'm getting out!" shrieked Acrylic. He had shoved Fetus' body off of him into the far corner of the car and had his hand on the door handle.

Elsha climbed to the back seat. "What are you doing?!" He screamed. She hit him in the side of the head, then forward, exposing his back. She jabbed at him all over. Surely he had a kill switch somewhere. He struggled, but her determination won out. Kicking him in the ankle seemed to do the trick.

"Huh, should've guessed. Achilles' heel." Elsha commented as she climbed back up front.

"Classic." Hard Drive commented. "Hang on." He made a sharp right down a narrow alley and swerved left into what looked like a loading bay in the basement of a building. "We're here."

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I really should get back to this series.

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