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"It's such a shame, really." Cordelia untied the collar of her blouse so her 7 year-old could suckle. No matter how bad things got, ladies would always find time to gossip.

"We mustn't judge, Cordy. It's not her fault." Thin and frail Maude pursed her lips.

"She did her duty in her late husband's stead and this is the price she paid." Trudy took no sides. Her 6 year old twins played in the dirt under her watchful eye.

"Tru, I don't think she should parade it around. Let respectably-figured women..."

"Cordy! The accident took her BREAST, not her dignity!"

"Maude, to be able to feed our young; it's our one calling! Not to go fight a man's war!" Cordy's son finished his snack and scurried off to play with the twins.

"Cordy, honestly! Sarah is still a woman!" Maude stomped off to her shack leaning against Trudy's. The women's village was tidy, but not sturdy.

Cordy watched Sarah across the village square. "Look it. Her kids all lined up, waiting."

"Maybe you could offer one of yours." Trudy smirked.


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I was musing about how most of my characters, and yours here too, end up with nicknames, probably because of the character limit. But speaking of characters, I had to reread a few times to realize how many people were conversing here.

There are a lot of interesting elements here, the backstory intruding just enough to make us wonder what the fuller story is. I came here, frankly, to check out why "breastfeeding" in the title was missing its T. But then again, this is a story of ... requisitioning. The T must have been needed for this man's war. Other little missing elements are noted. I'm really intrigued. These are old names but this does not feel like a story of the past, unless it's an alternate universe or something I've not learned of. The idea that internalized misogyny continues into the future, and that gender roles thrive on, is dismaying. Thank you for this story.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

haha... it's because i'm tired.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

T is fixed. This small format and my large ideas mean I cram a lot in without the details. I may expand this into a longer piece.

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Sorry for thinking too much, it's a bad habit from years of English majoring. I guess I've got gender roles and such on the brain for some odd reason.

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