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The rain trickles lightly down your umbrella

Your steps in perfect sync with the beats of my heart

Ah what a scene

Your perfect figure against this dismal landscape

Grey concrete pillars and abandoned stores

The depression of recession still apparent

Yet you illuminate it all

The subtle lengths of your fingers

Running eloquently along the ridges of your hand

Oh the hand, the hand I long to hold

To grasp in mine own, to feel your warmth

To smell your sweet fragrance once again

'Tis the sweetest bliss to behold your visage

My dearest beloved.

Alas, I am but an observer

Waiting until time permits I find you unawares

Allowing me to steal a touch

Or a breath

For now I am content

To watch from afar;

To behold from a distance

The faultless muse for my imaginings.


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The environment you've described in the scene intrigued me the most. I was captivated by the description of the pillars and shops within a historical context. It gave those gray slabs of concrete a story of their own.

The title of stalker and the tag of "ominous" felt too strong and straightforward for the more subtle creepiness of the narrator.

I really like the last line.

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This was borderlining adorable for a stalker but that's probably because I've seen too many of them. I really liked this.

  • #1965 Posted 6 years ago
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  • 4 out of 5


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