The Worthiness of Strength


This too shall pass.

Gulmar vaulted over the rocks, and the orcs shouted some kind of activation rune. Tenever looked at Sadie, who nodded, and the wizard muttered something in Elven that made Eraeon glance sharply up -

The teleport formed them into a close circle around Gulmar in a percussive blast of dust. The two teams of orcs promptly dove at each other - Gulmar's rangers grappling to restrain, and the hostile team drawing their blades.

Sadie didn't miss a beat, making eye contact with the orc closest to her - who had an officer's stripe just like Gulmar's and a long kukri-style weapon. She ripped her knife from its sheath to parry his fast forward lunge, sending the deflected blow went up and over her dipping shoulder while she went into a roll.

She came up, slicing vertically to create space, staying cautiously out of reach. She spotted in the corner of her-

Gulmar was not the cautious type, she noted, as the hulking orc came in and took the officer down in a single hammer blow to the head.

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The Judgement of Worthiness
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