Incident Report 207-J, §1


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Suspects entered the building at 10:19. We arrived twelve minutes later...

"It's locked!", said Matt Quyen as he gingerly tried the office doors.

"Move away from the glass," said the team leader, "We're going to smash it." The squad backed up as the captain took out a complicated-looking gun. He fired at the door, which shattered into thousands of pieces.

At once, the squads stepped over the glass and ran into the lobby.

"Alright, Squad 1, go up to the fifth floor, see if you can get them. Squad 2, stay down here, cover their escape, and stop any reinforcements."

The stairs were littered with unconscious bodies - in a line near the vending machines, slumped over railings holding phones, carrying now-spilled cups of coffee. It resembled, Quyen thought, the aftermath of a gas attack.

The police moved up in teams of two, watching alertly for movement. As they reached the fourth-floor landing, Quyen began to hear a faint beeping.

"It's a grenade!"

He barely made it over the railing in time.

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With details emerging oh so slowly, this is an enticing read. I find myself wanting to learn more about what they were up to in that building and what the getaway people were up to.

This story is constructed to keep us guessing and keep us wanting more. I like it.

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