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If there is a God above

If there’s a being filled with love

If there’s a master of my fate

If there’s a devil fueled with hate

If there’s a battle raging on

'Twixt angels and demons, eons long

If there’s a heaven and a hell

If there’s a coming judgement knell

I’d like to have this one request

Before I meet my eternal rest

Could you please hold off until the final Game of Thrones book is completed?



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Lovely bit o'rhyming comedy. I second it. I hate to rush genius, and I feel sorry for G.R.R.M (it must be horrible to be under so much pressure), but i really really hope he gets a move on and finishes it soon.

(i read the second to last line in a really rushed voice and heard a confused (yet demonic) voice replying "huh?" before i read the "thanks".) made me chuckle.

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The ending was enough of a surprise I didn't have time to suppress my chuckle. Well done.

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