Block: the Pitiful Personification


busy... busier... busiest

I'm not sure when fun became a fight.

Tiny, temperamental typed letters, once my allies, took up sawn-off exclamation marks and loaded their cannon with blotted full-stops. They barred the way across the blank white battlefield with hyphens and ellipses and brackets and ...

The way was blocked. My way has become blocked.

With highlighting pens and fresh new notebooks; pastel coloured .docs and far too many fineliners I fought my former friends. My atomic bomb (a dangerous concoction of new ideas, motivational speeches, and questionable advice) fell short.

Colons everywhere. Red everywhere. Red, wavy lines everywhere.

I fear now I am failing due to nothing more than fear of failure itself.

I know there's no real enemy: no fortifications or barricades piled high against my progress through the literary minefield of merely starting a new line. I know there's no invisible wall between my hands and my keyboard.

But where better to take shelter when cornered by foes (however ficticious) than in a castle?


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Hey Abby! It's good to see you!

Like that last line.

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Welcome aboard.

The castle just ... sort of ... well ... appeared here. I'd just cleared some ground for a coffee shop and turned around to reach for my tools. When I looked back, there was a freaking castle. With a coffee shop on the ground floor. And some ... interesting ... features in the grounds around the back.

It's a good castle, though, with some very fine people.

And I do like your first contribution. It speaks directly to the experience that many of us will have had when we try to prove to everyone around us how skilled we are with words, piling pressure upon pressure on ourselves.

Draw yourself a room, stick some furniture in it and make yourself at home. You are welcome here.

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I've always rationalised the coffee-shop-at-ground-floor thing by asserting that builders, as professionals, recognised that the project would go faster if they invested in quality barista equipment at the start. And once you've built a perfectly functional coffee shop, what's the sense in taking it down?

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In Nights Arms

In Nights Arms

A foe being fictitious doesn't make it any less of a foe.

Besides that, very nice. Its been a while since ive had the pleasure of reading something from you.

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I really like your way with words. I enjoyed the alliterations here :)

I hope you'll be back again.

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