Feeling It Inside


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Sultana pulled Felicity up on her feet, "You know what tonight is, right?"

"Yeah, it's the stupid after party," Felicity frowned.

"No, I mean... tonight." Felicity's friend's eyes glowed.


A full moon lit hung in the sky as the girls undressed themselves, sand between their toes. They stood and allowed the warm summer salt water wash up to clean their feet. They breathed in tandem and held hands, all energy open to the sky. Ying and yang, dark and light, they breathed.

Sultana's pheromones filled Felicity. She breathed in her essence, her beauty and power.

The night of the full moon allowed Sultana to share her ability of empathy with Felicity. Sultana's powers of emotion were the biggest responsibilities, much more than Felicity's exclusive sisters'.

They both knew it.

A rush of tide came and something like an orgasmic sensation blanketed Felicity. Magic was the most intoxicating feeling, so much more than any substance nature or man provided. Felicity felt the weight of the world and yet, incredible power.


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This series is so engaging. I look forward to more!

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Magical intoxication, now there's an interesting idea to play with.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

agree with HSAR, a new kind of addiction, one that could turn the tide of this story. heh, tide.

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