Chase Scene


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There was a camera - small, hidden - mounted on the hood of Trinity Keane's car, scanning forward in millimeter-wave, visible, and infrared. All of this transmitted itself to her bionic eye, in an offputting but, she had to admit, useful way - the visible world was in grey, heat in shades of red, metal in green, and real-time projected escape paths in blue. It had been the old man's suggestion, but she suspected it was stolen from some old novel.

She dodged and weaved between the cars on Hyacinth, then veered right onto Jackson, with the pings of falling equipment in her ears. The old man hissed, "Be careful!"

Behind her, Captain Khan ordered the closing-off of the surrounding streets. Collateral damage, she thought, was not a necessity.

The vehicle in front dropped small metal caltrops behind it. Khan grunted and veered to the side, avoiding them, and pressed a small button on the steering wheel, launching packets of fog forward.

"Now this," the old man muttered, "is a proper chase scene."

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Thrilling ride. Do Amazon stock those eyes. I could use one.

Keep up with this one: I'm loving it.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The battery of sensors in the hood of the police car tracked the signal, the shining beacon of radio…

oG ,teS ,ydaeR

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