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Amateur author. Mainly focussed on science fiction and urban fantasy.

The battery of sensors in the hood of the police car tracked the signal, the shining beacon of radio waves emanating from the van. It plotted the location onto a GPS map in the dashboard.

Meanwhile, a small army of police waited behind the barricade. Nearly all of them were itching to go, but Captain Khan held them back. "No doubt," she'd said, "They have more weapons. I'm not going to needlessly risk officers."

The beacon shuddered, maneuvered into the street, and sped past the barricade. An automatic cannon fired a small green cylinder toward the car. There was a small smacking noise as it adhered to the back window. Now, even as the occupants shut down their radios, the car could be tracked.

Captain Khan's earpiece crackled to life. "They're leaving," it said. "Mission Control. It's driving out."

She stepped back from the barricade, gave the go signal, and walked briskly toward a car. Car chases might be automated now, she thought, but why not add a bit of a human touch?

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oפ 'ʇǝS 'ʎpɐǝɹ ?

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Maybe, but I wanted to use the backwards version - partly because of mirroring, partly so that it could be more easily read.

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