Running Behind


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The opening was busy but dull for Felicity. Her sisters passively told her she was in the way and eventually, instead of trying to help, she sat on the curb outside the shop. Sultana plopped down next to her on the scorched sidewalk.

"Heya. They knock ya out again?" Sultana said, pulling her long, black hair over her shoulders.

"What do you think?" Felicity replied.

"Eh, forget those bitches," Sultana felt up the tassels on the bottom of her sleeveless vest.

"I wish I could have been born into a normal family, you know? I mean, how fucked is it that I have no supernatural tendencies and I'm the weird one?" Felicity said, exasperated.

"It could be that you just haven't found your niche yet." Sultana pointed out, loosely beginning to braid Felicity's thick red hair.

Felicity picked at her pink fingernails, "Are you kidding me? Veronica walked out of the fucking womb blasting fireballs."

"But Venus didn't even show any ability until she was almost 13," Sultana added.

"I'll be 25 next month," Felicity sighed.

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A Gypsy Heart

A Gypsy Heart

Oh! I am enjoying this so much! My kind of story. Can't wait for more

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I love how each of them are unique, Felicity feels completely left out, and her friend is perfect in the way she encourages her to blow off the injustices of the world. (I read all the previous ones.) Can't wait to see what kind of trouble she gets in!

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Venus, powers in space, wind and light, lit the candles in the room and swung the door open, 20 feet…

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