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"Son," he rasped, laying in his bed, sweating through the sheets.

"I'm here, Dad."

"Son, I need you to make the delivery."

"Dad, I'm not part of this family business! I made my life elsewhere!"

Coughing erupted from the old man and lasted for a full 30 seconds. He was winded when it finished. "Just do it." His eyes bore into his son's as his color faded from deep purple to pale white. He closed those eyes and lay back.

"You rest, Dad."

Opening the cellar door, the heat from the open furnace blew his hair back. With it came the stench of reptile. Descending the stairs, Max counted the cages, mostly empty, lining the walls. His father had really expanded since he had left home to make his own life.

Nearest the furnace, basking in the blistering heat was a cage with a nest inside. Curled up in it was a marbled purple. It's spikes were still rounded lumps, too young to emerge.

The baby dragon lifted its head and opened its mouth expectantly. It coo-growled.

"You get a new home today."


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Quite interesting. It works as a standalone, certainly, but I'm hoping for more.

Also, on a personal note, Next Breed of Thief was responsible for me joining this site. So, thanks and keep up the good work.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Aww! Thanks wolfram! I'll have to get back on that and contact Abstract..

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You get five pencils for a great story, and also for "coo-growled". Not sure if it's possible to read that and not grin.

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