Powers In and Out


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Venus, powers in space, wind and light, lit the candles in the room and swung the door open, 20 feet away, "Well, dear sister, the party isn't until the shop is closed tonight. We open right about... now."

Fashionably retro 70s era, her go-go boots clomped on the floor with each step.

Valerie, powers in earth and sky, tended to the botanical aspects of the shop. She grew and dried the spices, and collected animals' blood and various body parts. She was good at soothing them, considering she had to take them while the poor thing was alive. Her hand swooped over a wilted black orchid, and suddenly it was fresh, erect and full again.

And last but not least, the favored and most destructive sister, Veronica controlled the power of fire and ashes. Naturally, the last touch was lighting the fire place.

"Don't you think it's a little warm in here?" Felicity dared to say.

"I think it's fine, now, don't you, girls?" said mother, walking down the spiral staircase to gracefully land on the marbled floor.

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And the quintet is completed by the addition of Mother. I wonder how badly this could go.

I like the build up of this story. I am eager to find out where it goes.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The tinkle of the bell as Felicity entered the shop was a warning alarm to her sisters.

"God, I hope…


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