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The tinkle of the bell as Felicity entered the shop was a warning alarm to her sisters.

"God, I hope she doesn't touch anything." Viciously said her sister, Valerie.

"I'm even surprised she showed up," Venus said, violently ripping apart duct tape to repair a decoration.

Veronica checked her blonde curls in the mirror behind the register vainly, "If she thinks she can make it up to us this easily, she is in for a wicked disappointment," her lips puckered, she applied plum lipstick with beautifully tan hands.

Felicity was quickly approaching and acknowledging, "Sisters," her white fingers traced the charred counter tops.

The triplets were identical in almost every way. Their only real differences lied in their mystical energies and senses of style. All perfectly fitting to their energies of course.

"So, when does the party start?" Felicity asked.

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The tension builds as she flits in with perfect innocence...

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Felicity paced in the sand slowly, eyeing the tide wash up and run away. Bones of small animals seep…


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