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I was picked for the interview. Of all the applications I imagined were stacked in some in-box tray, mine was one that was chosen.

The realistic part of me said it was because I had filled in every box and attached a resumé. I knew that companies often sifted through and threw out applications left unfinished.

Did they actually read it?

Wait. They can ask me anything; it's an interview. I need to find out about them!

Rushing to my computer and pulling up their website I find their mission statement, and their 'about us' blurb. Reading it through 3 times I still hadn't thought of any questions to ask them. I mean, you don't truly know what it is like to work there until you work there, right?

Do I actually need to have a question to ask? Is it rude to just ask about money? Of course it is, what am I thinking!?

I need to call somebody. I can't sit here and stew.

Everyone is at work.



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Story prompt:

In the nearest book to hand, find:

The seventh word on page 12

The tenth word on page 37

The 30th word on page 64

Write a story or a poem that uses all of these words, contextualizing them and providing a conclusion of some sort.

Vary at will.

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