The Hostility of Nature


This too shall pass.

"Well met, Gulmar of the Eldergreens. My name is Sadie, and in different times we were the III Section of Darkfall's Moonriders. We travel east to fulfil the last wishes of our late commander, and are grateful for your timely assistance."

The towering orc glanced at their uniforms and nodded. They lowered their weapons.

"We were saddened to hear of your loss, Sadie of the Moonriders. Moonrider himself passed through these hills in times long past, and he was a friend to us. We march to the aid of our fellows, a patrol caught in the psychotropic auras to the east."

Eraeon stepped up beside Sadie, his mechanical enunciation low.

"The psychotropics? The banks gather in density at this time, and persist for at least two days."

Gulmar shook his head.

"There are ways through for those who know them, but they require a clear mind. Once lost in the aura, one cannot make it out without assistance. We will save them today, or lose them tomorrow."

Sadie nodded grimly.

"Then let us go, and hope for today."

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Moonrider... gorgeous name.

I am enjoying this story as it develops.

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Just finished this story - it seems very interesting.

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  • 5 out of 5

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