The Twilight of Hostility


This too shall pass.

A sudden volley of gunfire erupted from their flank. Astarlane and Tenever hit the ground; a fireteam of orcs stepped out of the trees, weapons firing with well-disciplined precision. The wraiths charged their position, but hulking figures stood their ground and cut the ghostly figures apart until the last one dissipated into a mist of misery and disappointment.

Sadie counted six of them; Eraeon concurred. Astarlane and Tenever moved behind her, ready to open up at the slightest provocation. The orcs likewise squared up - Sadie noted their camouflage gear and light packs.

She began the formalities, inclining her head in a gesture of respect and gratitude. Her grasp of the orcs' language was limited, but it was sufficient for such duties.

"May the green ground bless your footsteps."

Their commander gave a near-subsonic rumble of surprise and smiled, switching to English after the ritual reply.

"May the yellow sun light your days. Greetings - I am Gulmar of the Eldergreens. What is your business here?"

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The Darkness of Twilight
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