Day Two


I am a fictional character, in name and spirit. I enjoy fire and necromancy, and making heterosexual adventure stories as queer as physically possible.

The library is a church turned community center, with opaque glass, barred windows and a draft. Ms. Riley works with dial-up and a folding chair.

They find metal bed frames and blankets and build a ‘Bat Cave’ in the basement. Fuse practices their English reading comic books.

Champion reads newspaper articles about himself, and this new world, and wonders if there is a point to this, if they’re here for a reason.

Spire abandons his own bed for Champion’s, because Earth is cold and Champion is safe. Ms. Riley teaches Raptor how use the internet.

Spire and Champion have an Instagram. Spire and Champion still aren’t quite sure what an Instagram is. Raptor says it will be good for publicity. Fuse agrees. Ace says nothing.

The phone never stops ringing, President ’This’ or General ’That’ or Reporter for the ‘Whatever’ trying desperately to talk to the “alien superheroes.” Fuse thinks it's awesome. Raptor agrees. Champion tries not to lose his temper.

Spire just wants to go home.

Ace says nothing.


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