The Darkness of Twilight


This too shall pass.

Tenever's weapon ran dry first. A ghostly third hand appeared to swap magazines while his real hand hit the bolt release, and he was straight back into semiautomatic fire.

Sadie dropped her weapon on its sling and drew her sabre to deflect a darting thrust from a wraith too close to shoot, whose manifestation included a fine-looking rapier. She leaned forwards into a riposte, slicing through its shoulder, and dispelled another with a low cut to the abdomen.

She spun into another defensive movement, and the particular motion upon her heel took her back to a very different time. There had been a beautiful silken gown, and soft music, and he had taken her hand - a well-rehearsed mental safety tripped and she was back, smoothly executing a vicious stop-thrust against the over-aggressive wraith in front of her.

She stepped back and instinctively moderated the motion as her foot and lower back struck the rusted hulk they had been aiming for. While Eraeon struck out into the shadows with his rifle, she reloaded.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Tenever didn't hesitate as muzzle flare lit up the surrounding trees. He threw a hand straight forwa…

The Men of Darkness
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